“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define darkness.”
- Anne Frank

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Project W is now offering small group Zoom lessons

Hebrew Classes 5 weeks/2 xs per weeks/10 sessions total
30 minutes per session $380 for package
10% goes to Project W

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2022-2023 Calendar

Project W
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Shine the Light

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Wednesday, June16th



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Special announcement from Project W:

We are continuing our campaign called SHINE THE LIGHT.  How does it work?  Simple!  Bring Shabbat candles to a friend and together commit to shining light on the world with a small mitzvah.

Project W just released our 2022-20223 calendar (stay tuned!).  Let's stay connected as we SHINE THE LIGHT.

We are planning on bringing women to Israel in 2023 and we have resumed our in-person events, along with our Zoom events. Let's keep our mission going as strong Jewish women.  Light up someone's home with Shabbat candles and then as a team, go light up the world together.

Stay tuned for our webinar calendar.  If you have any questions about how to bring Shabbat to a friend, please email us at info@projectwny.org

Stay healthy and shine the light!

Shine the Light

Project W motivates us to be the best that we can be with exciting and inspiring dialogue as we strengthen our Jewish identity through a deeper connection with Israel.

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